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Planning Your Dance Floor

The number of dance floor tiles you will need depends on your space, the layout, and the number of guests, but a good place to begin is to plan on 1/3 of your guests being on the dance floor at any given time. The next rule you can use is to plan for a 3’x3′ floor tile for every 2 guests. If you are expecting 150 guests, you would plan on roughly 50 people being on the dance floor, and you would plan on 2 guests per tile. That means you would need 25 tiles (in a 5×5 square pattern arrangement). Another consideration is that for events where more people know each other, the dance floor will likely be used more.


Elite uses Wenger staging to highlight your event. This sturdy, non-skid stage can interlock with other sections to accommodate anything from a small awards ceremony to a full orchestra.

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Product # Description
6′ Section Wenger Choral Riser $100.00
4’x8′ Non-skid Top Wenger Stage Section $100.00
Stage Safety Railing (priced per linear foot) $3.00
Stage Skirting (priced per linear foot) $2.00
24″ Stage Stairs with Hand Railing $50.00
3′ x 3′ Section of Wood Plank Dance Floor $40.00



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